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Space Vyper – 2D Space Shooter

Space Vyper: A 2D space action shooter game with modern pixel art graphics.

Take control of Earth’s most advanced space fighter code named Blue Vyper and destroy the alien swarm that tries to take over the planet. If you love classic 2D games like Galaxian, Space Invaders, Galaga and Gradius with an RPG twist, you’ll definitely enjoy this game!

Fight your way through each area and destroy the boss guarding it using the ship’s unique skill and weapons. Made with HTML5 and CreateJS. Compiled with Ludei’s CocoonJS.

* Game Features:
> Unique weapons
> Unique skills
> Unique enemies
> Unique boss battles
> Level up based upgrade
> Engaging music
> High score leaderboard

** Update: CocoonJS has unfortunately shutdown and their service can’t be used anymore to compile and update the Android game (to meet Google Play security requirements). Please check the web version instead:

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