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Replacing Old Gadget – Should I?

Hey Dreamers! So you are Replacing Old Gadget but you are guilty and have a lingering question: “Should I?”. Let’s discuss that and find the answer here, ok? Technology is growing everyday and there’s always something new. It is very tempting to buy a new gadget and replace the existing one that you have, specially if you have the money at hand.

Let me share my own experience on this topic. One day, my computer mouse scroll button suddenly became problematic to the point that when I try to scroll up, it will briefly work then it will also scroll down by itself. The issue totally pissed me off in a moment when I am doing a coding job wherein I copied lines of code, scrolled up then pasted the values. The mouse scroll went wild and the code that I have copied goes everywhere, overwriting lines that it shouldn’t have.

I decided to disassemble the mouse and check the internals hoping to repair the issue. By the way, this is the 2nd time I have done this. Before there is a problem on the left click button. I have taken out the problematic part and soldered a functional one in place of it. This time around, I have cleaned up everything, removed dusts and particles that have accumulated inside.

I have also checked the scroll mechanism, cleaned the spaces and made sure that no obstruction is hindering the scroll from doing its job then afterwards, I put all the parts back again. Unfortunately, after all the effort the issue still persist. So I have asked myself, “Replacing old Gadget” is necessary now, “Should I?” and my answer is YES. I believe I have done everything I could and replacing my mouse is now necessary and that I am now guilt free..

So I ordered a new computer mouse from an online shop and waited for it to arrive. After less than a week of waiting, the mouse was delivered to our home. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and as a safety precaution, we have a house rule to disinfect things first and allow minimum of 3 days or much better, 6 days of quarantine (we have based our rule on this info) before we use or get the item that came from outside.

While waiting for the gadget, I was thinking maybe I should check my old mouse again and try something different. The mouse is still working aside from the scroll button and it will be a waste to just throw it away. While checking it again, I have found this video. Then I tried the method as shown and guess what, it worked! I have asked myself, how come I haven’t tried checking for an alternative way to fix the scroll button before? And now, I am guilty of buying a new one. Sure, I could make the new mouse as spare or keep the old as backup but the thing is that I am guilty because I should have saved money if I had exerted more effort on fixing the old mouse instead of buying a new gadget.

Hoping that you will not experience the same guilt that I have felt and avoid unnecessary spending, I am sharing these tips before you decide on Replacing old Gadget:

* Tips before Replacing old Gadget:

1. Ask yourself, do you really need a new one?

Think about it. Do you really need a new gadget? Or you are just tempted of buying a new one because of some ads or shiny features that you don’t really need?

2. Answer this – Is it really necessary?

Can the old gadget still do its job? Is it a want or a need? Have you tried everything you can to fix the issue yourself? Or if you can’t and you have to ask somebody else to fix it, does the cost of the service/labor less than the cost of buying a new gadget?

3. Look around your house

Maybe you have another gadget capable of replacing the one that you have, hidden in your home – just sitting in the storage.

4. Value your money and investment

Answer these questions: Does buying new gadget will make me more productive? Will my investment go back? Will it make things easy?

5. Avoid guilt and regret

If you are to replace your old gadget, make sure that the replacement is much better than the current one that you have and treat it as an upgrade. Or you might end up regretting your decision, asking yourself why did you buy it in the first place? It is just the same as the old one.

We hope that we have provided some helpful and useful information in answering your “Replacing Old Gadget – Should I?” question. Please comment below regarding your thoughts and opinion. Thanks a lot for reading.

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