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j4Sail – A Free HTML and PHP Theme for everyone

Hey Dreamers! Last March 2020, I began developing j4Sail theme from scratch. It was based on HTML5, PHP and Bootstrap. I kept on the coding, adding features and testing the theme for almost a month (April 2020). My original plan is to submit it in a Microstock site like ThemeForest for selling but unfortunately the theme got disapproved and rejected. I have other ventures in Microstock (which involves photos, illustrations and vectors) and rejection information coming from the assessors in that category is at most helpful, unlike Themeforest. You will probably know the reason why your item got disapproved and still have a chance to correct or improve things.

This is the first attempt I have ever made to enter the Microstock HTML theme category and I was surprised how vague the reason of rejection is. The Envato market assessor message just said “Unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again..” and that’s it, no more chance for rectification or improvement – end of the line. Because I am clueless why the theme was rejected (no hints or tips why it got disapproved), I did some research to find out what have gone wrong and how to avoid submission rejection in the future then I have found this article.

After doing more research and reading relevant topics to what I have experienced, I have decided to re-align my plans and venture into something else worth investing the effort and energy because in my opinion, I have no time and resources to wait for months (or a year) just to get approved. While I decided to change direction, I don’t want want my fruit of labor go to waste so I decided to share the theme source code for free in Github under MIT license. Feel free to download the theme and use it in your projects. Though not required, I would be very happy to know that how the theme was used so please comment here if you have something to share =)

** Links of j4sail Theme – A free HTML and PHP Theme for everyone **

Github: https://github.com/joemakev/j4sail_html_php_dev

Live Demo: http://www.jdev4.com/co/j4sail_html_dev/php-index-p.php

P.S. The Theydreamer site is based on j4Sail theme =)

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