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Install WordPress Locally

Hey dreamers! This post will discuss How to Install WordPress in Localhost. The procedure is tested on a Windows PC and expected to work in other platforms. This post assumes that XAMPP was already installed locally. Both PHP and MySQL server is expected to be running.

* Part 1: Create Database for WordPress

1. Open your browser and type http://localhost/phpmyadmin, you should see the following page:

2. Click Databases tab then type the desired name of the database in Create database. In this example, a name “wp_test” was used. After that click create.

3. Click Users tab, then click Add User

4. In the Add User page, add the following details similar to below:

Note: Host should be localhost. Please take note of the details like User name and Password as it will be needed in the WordPress installation.

After all the user details was supplied, scroll down and click Go to create the new user

5. Click Users tab again, then find the table row of the user you have created and click Edit Priviledges

6. In the Edit Priviledges page, click Database tab, then click the select box of “Add privileges on the following database” and select the name of your database “wp_test”

7. In the next Edit Priviledges page, click Check All and Go at the bottom

Now that the database and user was prepared, we can now proceed on installing wordpress

* Part 2: WordPress Installation

1. Download the latest wordpress installer at You will have the zip file after download.

2. Extract the WordPress zip file inside your xampp\htdocs directory then rename the extracted folder to wp_test

3. Open your browser and type http://localhost/wp_test in the address bar and press enter

4. In the first page of the WordPress installer, select English and then press Continue

5. In the next page, click Let’s Go

6. In the next page, supply the database name, username and password then click Submit

7. In the next page, click “Run the Install”

8. In the next page, supply site details like Site title, WordPress username, password and email then click Install. IMPORTANT!! Please take note of the WordPress username and password that you have specified as you will use it in logging

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