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Favorite Dark Souls-Like Games

Hey Dreamers! In this article, I will discuss about my Favorite Dark Souls-Like Games. This page will be updated every time I find a new Souls Like game that offers the same experience as Dark Souls. 

Dark Souls redefined the way I look into games forever. It has set the bar so high and influenced my expectations for Action Role Playing games. It has rendered some game titles bland and boring for me. It altered my gaming preferences and desires.

Way back then, I still remember the first Dark Souls game that I have ever played, which is Dark Souls II (DS2) on the PC. Up to now, I still recall the painful experience and frustration facing this mean Ogre at the beginning of the game (and I hate that):

Dark Souls II Ogre Enemy
The Ogre will eat you for breakfast

The monster mercilessly killed me in no time. I said to myself “This game is not for me. Its very unfair and frustrating. I will not play it anymore!” I immediately uninstalled it because I don’t want to waste my storage, time and stress myself for such an awful experience. After all, what I want is to enjoy and relax while playing games. I moved forward, downloaded another game and played it peacefully.

After a year, I bought a refurbished Playstation 3 (PS3). I have played notable games there like God of War 3, Last of Us and Uncharted. I even played Minecraft coop with my kid. Months has passed, I did see another Dark Souls title (DS1 – the first one, as I thought), this time on the PS3. I don’t have anything to play anymore and I decided to give Dark Souls another try.

Having experienced the pain in DS2, I have prepared myself and said “Hey, this game got some good reviews. They managed to play it and so do I!”. That time around, I have patiently played the game and managed to finish it several times. After that, I have finished DS2 and Demon Souls. I discovered that the very first “Dark Souls” is indeed Demon Souls (DeS) and DS was a spiritual successor of it. Demon Souls is also a fantastic game itself.

I never thought I would enjoy super hard games like Dark Souls to the point that I have built a new PC just to play Dark Souls III (DS3) and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. The latter again altered my gaming perspective and expectations, just like DarkSouls did. Sekiro is another game made by FromSoftware under the direction of Hidetaka Miyazaki (who also directed DeS, DS1 and DS3). Sekiro is a masterpiece for me, in every way.

Sekiro surpassed Dark Souls in many aspects and became a game that separates itself from other DS games. It requires you to focus, hone your skills, reflexes and patience. Combat is very intense and skill based. In Sekiro, no armors will save you from death. Your sword and skill is your lifeline. Expect to die twice a hundred times in this game if you are not careful and play it like Dark Souls. I still remember spending almost 6 hours just to beat Lady Butterfly in my first play through. She taught me how to fully embrace the deflection mechanic or die not doing so.

Sekiro - Lady Butterfly
That sad look in her eyes signifies incoming pain (if you don’t know how to be defensively offensive)

** So after the long story, here is the list of my


1. Sekiro – Shadows Die Twice

Arguably the hardest boss in Sekiro

Sekiro is now one of my Favorite Dark Souls Like Games of All Time. What a masterpiece this game is. Coming from the Dark Souls series, Sekiro became a painful and frustrating experience to me at first. But when I managed to fully grasp the deflection mechanic and play defensively offensive, every sword fight in this game became very memorable and epic. I have never played such a wonderful game before. The scenes and places in the game are very beautiful, paired by a rock solid skill based combat system and mechanics. As staple from FromSoftware games, there are multiple and even hidden endings in Sekiro. You can check the actual game play here. Get it now and experience the game.

2. Dark Souls I

Gwyn is a pain if you don’t know how to parry (a prelude to Sekiro?)

Dark Souls I is the very first FromSoftware game that I managed to finish and enjoy. This game was well made. There are no maps to guide you but the worlds are cleverly interconnected leaving each player surprised and amazed at the same time. There are many builds you can choose from, ranging from but not limited to a powerful magic user to ultra tough heavy armored knight. Boss fights can be very unfair at certain times without the right strategy and preparation. If a boss seems to be very difficult at first encounter, then go out there. Collect more souls, level up and bring your strong equipment later on. Beat that boss to the ground.

3. Salt and Sanctuary

Disemboweled Hush will melt any magic users and low defense build in no time

This game is Dark Souls at heart in 2D perspective. Developed by a 2 person team at Ska Studios, it is very polished and amazing game. It also has interconnected worlds similar to Dark Souls which will test your platforming skills to the limit. Don’t judge this game by its looks alone, it is as hard and as challenging as Dark Souls. You can’t just mash the button and win here. I can’t remember how many times I have played this already. Lots of builds, weapon and stuffs to choose from. There is a local coop mode too. The game is very enjoyable and plays great, watch it here.

4. Dark Souls III

Pontiff Sulyvahn says “Parry or Die”

Dark Souls III is the final installment in the Dark Souls series (as of now). This game is supposed to conclude the story of Dark Souls. It improves a lot in terms of graphics and game play. There are still many builds and equipment to choose from. There are many bosses to test your patience and build quality. Button mashers and impatient ones will definitely die here. The original concept is still there and compared to DS1, the fast travel mechanic is readily available early in the game, which makes it easy to go from one place to another.

5. Demon Souls

Aside from the oversized Tower Knight, crossbow men are waiting to ambush you in this area

I always thought that DS1 was the first game in the Dark Souls series but Demon Souls (DeS) is the first FromSoftware game that started it all. It contains the same oppressive difficulty found in the Dark Souls series so don’t let your guard down. There is no Estus Flask here to refill and you have to farm grasses for healing purposes. The central hub system that was implemented later in DS2 and DS3 originated from this game. This game great game is a PS3 exclusive (they plan to remake it on the PS5). This will quench your Souls Like thirst, if you ran out of similar games to play.

6. Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin

Creepy 8 legged Freja with two heads

I have experienced the first pain of Dark Souls in this game. Among the series gain a lot of criticism from fans because of the unfair game play mechanics and difficulty. Some other players said that it was just pretending to be difficult by adding more troublesome mechanics like decreasing you life bar each time you die. Before the Scholar of the First Sin update, it gained a lot of bad reviews regarding enemy placement and game elements (hit boxes, etc.). The change is very noticeable due to the fact that Hidetaka Miyazaki was not the director for this game. Nevertheless, it is still a Dark Souls game.

7. Unworthy

Unworthy, just like Salt and Sanctuary is Dark Souls in 2D perspective. Don’t let the simple silhouette graphics disappoint you, this game is also great. You’ll be surprised how a single developer can make. Worlds are also interconnected and death is inevitable. It is worth playing, if you need more Souls Like game to play.

I still haven’t played Bloodborne because I don’t have PS4 but I will definitely get Playstation 5 when it comes out. It is backwards compatible with most of the PS4 games so there will be lot of games to play under the PS5. There are lot of good reviews about Bloodborne and can’t wait to play it when the PS5 arrives.

Thanks for the long read. Let me know your thoughts and more about your personal Favorite Dark Souls-Like Games in the comments section below.

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