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ClipboardGolem – Converts clipboard text to plain


Here is a very simple Clipboard to plain text converter application that I have created for personal use which I am sharing for free. ClipboardGolem can convert any text into plain text in just 2 easy steps! It will remove the unwanted formatting from the text data in the clipboard and you will have it plain version that can be used in any program.

You can forget about copying the text, opening a plain text editor, pasting the text there, copying it back and so on..In just two steps (shown below), you can easily convert any clipboard text to plain version:

1. Copy any text and press the convert button.
2. Go to the Application where you want to put the text and paste it there directly.

It is that simple =) And did I say that it can get rid of those pesky curly quotes automatically? Try it out now, it is completely free.

System Requirements:
Operating System: Any version of Windows
Framework: .Net framework 2.0

Download Now!

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