j4Sail – A Free HTML and PHP Theme for everyone

Hey Dreamers! Last March 2020, I began developing j4Sail theme from scratch. It was based on HTML5, PHP and Bootstrap. I kept on the coding, adding features and testing the theme for almost a month (April 2020). My original plan is to submit it in a Microstock site like ThemeForest for selling but unfortunately the

How to Install WordPress in Localhost?

Hey dreamers! This post will discuss How to Install WordPress in Localhost. The procedure is tested on a Windows PC and expected to work in other platforms. This post assumes that XAMPP was already installed locally. Both PHP and MySQL server is expected to be running. * Part 1: Create Database for WordPress 1. Open

How to install LAMP in Raspberry Pi?

Let’s discuss how to install LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP) in Raspberry Pi (Tested under Raspberry Pi 3 Model B with Rasbian OS v8 – Jessie.

How to run Python script in PHP under Raspberry Pi?

Hey dreamers! Let’s discuss How to run Python script inside PHP under Raspberry Pi? This instruction assumes that the FTP is enabled and the /var/www folder is already writable. You can check here for more details regarding FTP setup. * How to run Python script in PHP under Raspberry Pi? 1. Create a “raspi-ctrl.php” PHP file in var/www/html,