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Brackets Editor – File Backup Extension

Looking back, I remember one of the frustrating days in my programming life. My client is rushing a module for a project that we are doing and then suddenly an inevitable power blackout had occurred. It doesn’t happen very often and it should not matter that much, that is because I am confident that I won’t lose any data or file with such event (how foolish..).

The reason of my assurance is due to a (wrong) personal belief that I am only editing a text file and that I will never lose it that way (because it is very small). I have never experienced losing some sort of data from a text file before and I thought that it won’t ever happen to me –> a very dangerous assumption of mine…

So what happened next –> Oh yes, I lost a file in that power outage event. A file that contains my 5 hard hours of coding effort. I can’t stop myself from pulling my hair =( You might say that I should have pushed it to git in the first place but yeah I didn’t. I was so careless and lazy during that time.

I decided that I have to do something to prevent it from happening to me again and possibly to others. Luckily, I am using the Brackets Editor,  an open source software that has a feature that allow its users to create their own extension (plugin). So I dig into that part and dedicated a day for writing my first Brackets extension. The goal of the said plugin is to be able to backup the currently opened file by demand or automatically at specified intervals. Thank God, at the end of the day I did manage to create the codes and function that does that through Brackets’ API. So here is the screenshot of the extension:

Brackets Editor File Backup Extension

You can download it via Brackets Extension Manager or you can check the public repo here:

Hope that it can help you all. Let me know your thoughts =)

Thanks for reading and kind regards,

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