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Add new user in Raspberry Pi

Joe February 12, 2017
Hey dreamers! Let’s talk on how to add new user in Raspberry Pi that has the same privileges as pi default user 1. First, login as pi default user and open terminal, then type the following command to add new user: Note: Replace yourLoginUsername with the username you want. 2. Type the following to get the group ...

Run a service in Raspberry Pi

Joe February 12, 2017
Hey there! Let’s talk about running a service on system start in Raspberry Pi. This procedure is important if there are scripts needed to be called during system startup in Raspberry Pi. * How to Run Service on System Start in Raspberry Pi 1. Create a new service file (also called Unit) in /lib/systemd/system/ using command ...

How to run Python script in PHP under Raspberry Pi?

Joe February 2, 2017
Hey dreamers! Let’s discuss How to run Python script inside PHP under Raspberry Pi? This instruction assumes that the FTP is enabled and the /var/www folder is already writable. You can check here for more details regarding FTP setup. * How to run Python script in PHP under Raspberry Pi? 1. Create a “raspi-ctrl.php” PHP file in var/www/html, ...


Joe November 8, 2015
RockaBoom is a casual rocket shooting game, starring RoboGee. Shoot the rocks coming from the mountain with RoboGee’s rocket while moving up and down. Prevent the bridge from getting destroyed and achieve high scores! RockaBoom was developed in Unity Engine and all of its assets are made of vector graphics converted as raster PNG images. ...

ClipboardGolem – Converts clipboard text to plain

Joe June 29, 2015
ClipboardGolem can convert any text into plain text in just 2 easy steps! It will remove the unwanted formatting from the text data in the clipboard.

Install DragonBones Extension in Adobe Flash CC

Joe October 21, 2014
I want to utilize a technique dubbed as 2D skeleton animation then I have bumped into DragonBones, an Adobe Flash extension that is Open Source and totally free of charge.

Space Vyper – 2D Space Shooter

Joe October 20, 2014
Space Vyper: A 2D space action shooter game with modern pixel art graphics. Take control of Earth’s most advanced space fighter code named Blue Vyper and destroy the alien swarm that tries to take over the planet. If you love classic 2D games like Galaxian, Space Invaders, Galaga and Gradius with an RPG twist, you’ll definitely ...

Brackets Editor – File Backup Extension

Joe October 19, 2014
Looking back, I remember one of the frustrating days in my programming life. My client is rushing a module for a project that we are doing and then suddenly an inevitable power blackout had occurred. It doesn’t happen very often and it should not matter that much, that is because I am confident that I won’t lose any data ...
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